Villade Haldus OÜ rules:

These House Rules (hereinafter the Rules) are valid for the entire territory of Villade Haldus OÜ, including all buildings located in the territory (hereinafter the Territory) and are related to the rules of procedure of the house.

For the purposes of these Rules, the representative of Villade Haldus OÜ is: The Representative and the clients (hereinafter Visitors) are both the organizer (s) and the participant (s) of the reservation of Villade Haldus OÜ houses.

1. Access rights

1.1. The territory of Villade Haldus OÜ can only be accessed along the designated and appropriately marked road, which must be used both for entering and leaving the villas. Driving on the grass is allowed only with the permission of the Representative.
1.2. In order to enter the territory of Villade Haldus OÜ, the Visitor must enter into a reservation with the Representative and pay the reservation fee in accordance with the price list approved by the Representative and the invoices paid.

2. In the territory of Villade Haldus OÜ, the client must follow:

2.1. The legislation of the Republic of Estonia and the legal orders of the police, security guard and Representative;
2.2. that he / she does not disturb other Visitors to the territory and that he / she does not endanger others with his / her activities;
2.3. to maintain cleanliness and order, including:
    2.3.1. smoking is allowed only in specially designated areas;
    2.3.2. smoke cones and other garbage must be placed only in designated areas and,    on leaving the territory, the garbage must be collected afterwards and taken to a garbage bin;
    2.3.3. premises, furniture, furnishings, kitchen utensils, etc. inventory is maintained and in order; 
    2.3.4. the furniture is returned to its original location;
    2.3.5. no outdoor footwear is allowed on the premises;
    2.3.6. the satisfaction of bodily needs (including vomiting) would take place in a designated place (toilet);

2.4. to prevent the arbitrary making of fires in places not intended for this purpose, barbecuing, the burning of candles both outdoors and indoors;
2.5. that being drunk and using a hot tub is the customer's own responsibility and that it does not endanger one's own or others' lives or interfere with the stay of other Visitors on the territory;
2.6. that the stairs must be moved carefully and at the participant's own risk so as not to endanger or injure oneself;
2.7. safety requirements for heating fireplaces and saunas, must be taken into account.

3. The following are PROHIBITED in the territory of Villade Haldus OÜ:

3.1. carry weapons, etc. objects and pyrotechnic devices dangerous to others and to oneself;
3.2. to bring or use narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances in the territory;
3.3. to camp
3.4. Guests of one house may not stay in other houses and terraces if there are different guests in the houses.
3.5. violate the night peace in accordance with the Law Enforcement Act of the Republic of Estonia.

4. Rights of Villade Haldus OÜ:

4.1. the right to demand a deposit from the Visitor.
4.2. If the Visitor has caused damage to Villade Haldus OÜ, the Representative has the right to demand compensation for the damage from the Visitor.
4.3. Violation of these Rules has the right to punish the violator with a verbal warning, expulsion from the territory of Villade Haldus OÜ and / or handing it over to a security guard and / or the police.
4.4. The representative has the right not to allow the person who violated the Rules to the territory of Villade Haldus OÜ in the future.
4.5. Villade Haldus OÜ has the right to choose Visitors to ensure security.

5. Visitor's rights:

5.1. Use the premises, furniture, dishes and other inventory of Villade Haldus OÜ according to the intended use.
5.2. Upon agreement with the Representative of Villade Haldus OÜ, the Visitor may stay in the premises and territory with his / her pet.

6. Obligations of the visitor:

6.1. In case of destruction or damage of the premises, furniture, other furnishings of Villade Haldus OÜ, the person concluding the booking undertakes to compensate the damage caused to Villade Haldus OÜ on the basis of the respective repair or purchase invoices.
6.2. Using Villade Haldus OÜ food utensils and other kitchen utensils - wash them after use.
6.3 get acquainted with and follow the rules of procedure of Villade Haldus OÜ.

7. Security deposit and refund:

7.1. A deposit of € 200 will be added to the client's second invoice and will be refunded within 7 days of the end of the booking period if Villade Haldus OÜ's house rules have been followed and Villade Haldus OÜ has been compensated for any damage caused by the rules and regulations.

8. Final provisions:

8.1. By making a reservation, the Visitor accepts these internal rules and regulations of Villade Haldus OÜ and undertakes to abide by them.
8.2. The visitor is obliged to: Fire, bomb threat, etc. in case of danger, follow the orders of the Representatives and security staff, evacuation markings and leave the houses and, if necessary, the territory of Villade Haldus OÜ without causing panic. In the above cases, immediately inform the Representative of Villade Haldus OÜ (+372 50 63368) or the Rescue Board / police (112)